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Navigating China's Cyber Security Landscape Today


Today’s businesses are savvier with cyber security, with 77% of global leaders reporting more awareness today compared to three years ago. But while teams are committed to strengthening their cyber security profiles today, 90% of leaders found...Read More


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How to choose between in-house and consultant cyber security jobs


The cyber security jobs market is growing, and the recent pandemic has widened the skills gap in this area. As outlined in our global cyber security report for 2023, 72% of employers believe that events in recent years have had a significant impact on their cyber risk profile. However, 90% claim...Read More


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Why these leaders left the corporate world for ‘tech for good’ - and never looked back


The world is going through a major shift, with people increasingly seeking purpose and meaning in their work. One trend that has emerged in recent years is the rise of the "tech for good" sector, which has attracted... Read More


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Work in one of these jobs? ChatGPT can help!


It’s been a lot of fun watching ChatGPT answer our questions and write full bodies of text in a matter of seconds. So far at work I’ve seen the AI chatbot produce code for programmers and generate ideas for headlines, while people out there are enjoying themselves by using it to pen song lyrics and short stories.Read More


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The future of leadership in technology


By its very nature, technology is constantly evolving. Accordingly, leaders in the sector need to update their skills to meet the demands of their industry and their workforce. So, what will the technology leader of the future look like?Read more


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Tech Thoughts: Interview with Xuesong Luo, Software Development Manager at Amazon Web Services


In this first edition of Tech Thoughts, we had a chat with technology professional, Xuesong Luo, Software Development Manager at Amazon Web Services and asked him to share his experiences and learnings as a seasoned professional in the technology industry.Read more

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Technology leaders discuss why organisations must ensure a greener future


When we talk about the climate crisis, we’re not discussing events that will unfold in several years’ time – we’re talking about now. It’s the responsibility of organisations to ensure a greener present and future and, while many leaders worry about... Read more

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Three developer career paths and how to hack them


Be honest. Have you ever really thought about where you want to be in five years’ time? Are you worried your development career might be going down a road which... Read more

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How has the online retail landscape been reshaped by COVID-19 and what tech skills are seeing the highest demand?


Whilst consumer preferences for online channels were unquestionably present prior to the COVID-19 crisis, the unexpected global events of... Read more

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