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Solving tomorrow's workforce challenges

This July marks a significant moment not just in the Hays story, but my own story with Hays. As I step into my new role as Managing Director, Asia, I reflect on our new strapline and brand promise – Working for your tomorrow – and what it means for us as a business as we continue to lead the recruitment industry in Asia. Read more



Do you need to improve your on-boarding process for new leaders?

Recruiting and selecting new leaders is high stakes, difficult and time consuming, but just as crucial for success is the often neglected on-boarding process.Read more



The myths and realities of job searching over the festive period

Despite all the distractions of the festive period, if you really are committed to finding yourself the perfect job in 2021, you must take a proactive approach to ...Read more



How loneliness could be killing productivity in your business

While we have more ways than ever to connect with each other, workplace loneliness is a daily struggle for many employees. In the latest Hays Journal, we consider how organisations can ...Read more



Should I apply to a job if I don't meet all the requirements?

It’s probably happened to you at least once before… during your job search you’ve spotted the perfect job advertisement that you’d love to apply for, only to realise ...Read more



Identifying signs of burnout in the technology sector and how to combat it

A February 2020 survey from anonymous workplace chat app, Blind found that 61 per cent of tech professionals were burnt out in February 2020, rising to 73 per cent in May. Furthermore, 68 per cent of tech workers felt more ... Read more



What employers need to know about Gen Z

Generation Z is largely defined as those born between 1996 and 2012. Many are beginning their entry into the workplace. But the pandemic has monumentally impacted the start of their careers. Read more



“The Great Resignation" : why are so many thinking about quitting?

According to Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index, 41 per cent of people are likely to consider leaving their jobs within the next year. That’s a very high number indeed. So, what’s behind this predicted ... Read more



Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

We’re always striving towards the next achievement and the next goal, and we don’t take time to think about how we did (or didn’t) achieve the last one. It doesn’t even occur to us to analyse... Read more



Are you the problem?

Most leaders in their own ways are going some way to stifling the curiosity of their people. So, what can we do as leaders to help our people feel they can be their original, curious, inquisitive selves? Read more



Expert Insights: MONICA PARKER

We were delighted to interview Monica Parker, Founder of HATCH Analytics for our recently released report, Uncovering the DNA of the Future Workplace report. Read more



My careers advice for the class of 2020

I’d like to share my own thoughts and perspectives, to help you boost your employability and ultimately ensure your first steps into the world of work are as positive and successful as possible. Read more



Six transformational ways your pre-COVID people strategy must change

Employees will now expect different things from organisations, in order to attract and retain the very best talent in the new era of work, businesses must adapt their people strategy. Read more



Three important questions you should ask yourself as we enter a new decade 

For most of us, the end of a year feels like a natural time to reflect and reset. It’s a time to think about what’s gone well, what hasn’t, and what we will vow to do differently in the coming 12 months. Read more



China offers investors certainty, resilience

The Chinese government has adopted a series of measures to boost economic growth, including stimulating consumption, further opening up to foreign investment, supporting private enterprises and encouraging technology innovation. Read more       



How to stop your best people leaving

As a leader, ask yourself this question: if lifelong learning and success are linked, is continuous learning really a personal priority to you, as the leader of your business, and, importantly, are you the role model your workforce looks up to in this regard? Read more



Have we forgotten how to talk to each other?

Before you read on, take a look around your office – how many people are actually talking to each other? Most are plugged into their earphones, or beavering away behind their computer screens, probably emailing the person that sits opposite them. Read more



Is your team addicted to work?

Do you put more time and effort into your work life than your personal life? Are you always the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave? Do you work every weekend, and never seem to quite manage to take your full quota of holiday entitlement?  Read more



How to boost productivity & engagement within challenging macro-economic climate

As the Chinese economy slows to more modest & sustainable GDP growth rates, organisations in China are by no means losing steam. Read more



It’s time to break the taboo around quitting

As new generations with different motivations and ambitions enter the world of work, the age old adage of a job for life is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and thus transitions into and out of our businesses may well become more frequent. Why? Read more



4 reasons why you need a millennial mentor

Over the past decade or so, it’s been fascinating to see how the traditional image of the mentor has been radically turned on its head. And now, particularly in the corporate world, many innovative employers are encouraging reverse mentorship. Read more



Are you getting these basics wrong?

When was the last time you saw a boss demanding to review even the most basic of emails or memos before sending, barking orders or timing people’s lunch breaks down to the last minute? Read more



If you fake it, you won't make it

It’s extremely sad to say that trust in CEO’s and business leaders appears to be at an all-time low these days. Undoubtedly, there are those, the minority, who have given business and business leadership a bad name. Read more



4 steps to help you succeed in a developing market

Working in a developing and growing market usually means working at full capacity and being inundated with business every single day. This might sound like an attractive proposition for an individual or organisation. Read more



Too much pessimism clouds silver lining for china’s economy

China’s slowing economy has exacerbated the gloomy sentiment about the world’s most populated market and sparked worries about massive job losses amid potential company collapses and loan defaults. Read more


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