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Build your own social network

Build your own social network

First things first, what is a strategic network? This type of networking does require planning and effort to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships as opposed to ‘getting out there’, dealing yourbusiness card deck and hoping for a few leads.


How to build your strategic network:

  • Plan ahead – building a network and keeping that network alive and healthy is so important and often overlooked until there is an urgent need
  • Before you need them, help others get what they want first
  • Choose your events wisely – be open to diverse and mixed events
  • Be up to date on current affairs
  • Listen – people love talking about themselves. Ask yourself, what can I offer this person and then offer an appropriate product, service, solution or connect them with someone else who can


After an event

  • Log contacts, note key information on back of the business cards you receive. Connect with them on social media
  • Follow up within 24 hours
  • Deliver on promises you have made
  • In appropriate cases, send a thank you note or share links to articles that might be of interest.


Your network could be people with whom you connect only occasionally –1x month, 2 or 3 times a year, perhaps over email, a coffee, an invitation to a suitable event, a link to an interesting article. Remember networks need mutual interest.