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4 steps to plan your career

4 steps to plan your career

Not many of us have a clear vision of what we want from our careerat a very young age. However, somewhere along the way, we have to stop and realise that unless we decide on our career goals and take action to achieve them, where we end up will be a matter of luck. Begin to plan your career today with this simple four-stage process.


Think about yourself

Spend sometime considering your skills, interests and personality. Use the knowledge to ensure that the career plan you create is right for you.

  • What do you enjoy most about your role / profession / industry?
  • Which are your most unique professional skills?
  • In which areas do you require professional development?
  • Which aspect of your role are you best at?


Explore your options

The career plan you put together should be based on a thorough understanding of the employment market within your chosen industry or profession.

  • Research the career opportunities if you stay with your current employer
  • Map the leading firms (potential employers) within your chosen industry
  • Consider what options you have for professional development and skills training
  • Analyse the career paths of successful people in your profession


Establish your goals

Now’s the time to determine your career goals.

  • Write clearly defined, short statements that you can work towards.
  • Break down your longer-term goals into smaller, measurable achievements.
  • Be aware of external forces and be able to flex your plan accordingly.


Take action

Implement the actions that will help you to achieve your career goals:

  • Arrange a time to discuss your career plans with your Manager/HR
  • Take on additional projects that will give you essential experience
  • Take advice from industry contacts
  • Maintain awareness of changes in your employment market


One final piece of advice, believe in yourself! If you have a thorough understanding of who you are, know your options and have created a realistic career plan, there is absolutely no reason you will not be able to achieve your goals.