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Don’t miss comprehensive salary data across 14 industries and exclusive insights from nearly 9,000 professionals. Get your talent management and career decisions on the right track.

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Uncover the performance of China's banking industry, pathways for banking talents, and how companies can effectively entice and retain them.

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Learn what’s in store for businesses and candidates as we navigate hiring patterns, flexible working, generative AI and other 2024 trends in China.

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This report includes data from the 2024 Hays Salary Guide, which compiles salary and survey findings of nearly 9,000 employers and professionals across the region. 

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Our in-depth guide provides comprehensive tips and strategies to excel in job interviews, helping you to impress employers and secure your desired role. Ideal for job seekers looking to gain an edge in competitive job markets.

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We've layered a wealth of actionable insights throughout the report to enable you to look beyond current practices and processes and start shaping tomorrow’s workforce strategy.

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Our annual Global Cyber Security Report contains insights from over 1,000 CISOs and cyber security leaders across 42 countries worldwide, including China.

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Now is the time to be one step ahead by sending us your CV or register with us and start your search for a new job by signing up to job alerts and more.

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