The Inside Story of Technology in China (2022)

The Inside Story of Technology in China

Resilient Technology sector to focus on growth
More than a year after the broad crackdown on technology companies, the Chinese Technology industry is bracing against new challenges as major cities deal with a resurgence of coronavirus cases in the second quarter of 2022.     
Yet, as organisations focus on growth on the back of accelerated digital transformation, demand for Technology talent is higher than ever and continuing to grow, stretching out an already skills short market.
Most of the demand volume is concentrated within industries like new/renewable energy, semiconductors, automotive, and medical devices. Key skill sets that are becoming a priority for these companies are largely within the software engineering and R&D space.
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  • Top hiring trends in technology, including in-demand roles and skills
  • Talent strategies employed by larger organisations in the face of the mounting skills shortages
  • Advice for employers and candidates looking to be more competitive in today’s Technology market
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