The Inside Story of Life Sciences in China



Moving into the last quarter of 2021, the convergence of a favourable political, social, and financial environment for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies is driving the buoyant life sciences market in China.
While demand has traditionally outstripped supply in this sector, recent technological developments and an influx of investments from private equity and venture capital firms have made technical and strategic roles critical hires for life sciences companies.
We have observed a preference for overseas returnee talent for their global deal experience and bilingual abilities, as many life sciences roles require the ability communicate with domestic and foreign stakeholders. Also important is the ability to demonstrate academic, consulting, and pharmaceutical experience.
However, the state of demand and supply of life sciences talent has intensified the competition for businesses trying to attract and retain exceptional talent. Aside from remuneration, considerations like global exposure, job scope, workplace flexibility, and mental health support are high on the list of candidate expectations.
Read the Inside Story of Life Sciences in China for more insight on candidate expectation and talent strategies. 

Key highlights:

  • The rapid evolution of the life sciences industry in China
  • Top hiring trends in life sciences, including in-demand roles and skills
  • Tips to attract and retain life sciences talent

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