The DNA of the future workplace


The impact of the global pandemic on the world at large has been impactful and sudden. In Asia, the crisis has proven to be accelerant of change. 
This is perhaps most evident in the workplace, where an increased focus on areas like flexibility, technology and employee wellbeing has ushered in what we have termed as ‘the new era of work’. But the process of recovery in different Asia markets has revealed distinct differences between workplaces in each region, such as their place in the digital journey, their allowance of flexibility or their understanding of what inspires an employee to give their best despite challenging circumstances. 
In our new regional report, we delve deeper into how our current circumstances are shaping the worldview of working professionals in Asia and their expectations of the new era of work. To do this, we conducted two surveys measuring sentiments on the four core elements we believe will shape workplaces of the future. The first survey was concluded in February 2020 at the cusp of the pandemic, with the second having concluded this September. 
The report includes:
• The sentiments of 9,000+ working professionals in Asia across China, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore on the core elements we believe will shape workplaces of the future: flexibility, technology, upskilling and purpose
• Country-specific insights and recommendations on how to become a workplace of the future 
• Expert insights on our findings from Monica Parker, Futurist and Founder of ground-breaking human analytics and change management firm HATCH Analytics. 

By comparing findings from the two surveys, our findings aim to form a definitive understanding of how the pandemic has altered working sentiments, as well as a barometer for organisations as they seek to understand, attract and retain top talent amidst current challenges and those to come.