5 reasons why you should be job hunting right now

5 reasons why you should be job hunting right now

1. Beat the Competition

While the crowd tends to hold back from job hunting in times of uncertainty, there are still open positions that need to be filled – and there’s no better time to apply than now! Instead of being a drop in a sea of applications, your resume will now stand out more than ever. 

2. WFH = Work on your resume

Working from home means less time spent commuting and more time spent working on your resume. Use your extra time to tailor your resume to specific roles and write great cover letters for that extra boost to your application. 

3. Interview Inconspicuously

Taking time off to attend a face-to-face interview can be tricky if you are working from the office. But with flexible working arrangements in place, you can now prepare for and attend your job interviews with ease.  

4. Wow your video interviewer

With face to face interactions currently restricted, video interviews have become the new normal. Why is this a good thing for job hunters?

  • Ease of scheduling – Increased flexibility makes matching schedules easier
  • Minimise nervousness – Interview from a comfortable environment
  • Reduce small talk – Less chit chat lends to a more productive meeting
  • Faster response time – A digitised process yields faster results
  • Tech prowess – Use this chance to show off your digital skills 

5. Get to know your potential employer better

Challenging times can reveal the true nature of your potential employer better. Interviewing during times of uncertainty makes it easier to ask employers about their:

  • Employee benefits
  • Contingency plans
  • Flexible working policies
  • Technological capabilities
  • Business profitability & sustainability